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Building Efficiency Program Fellow - January Start

12/2/2020 7:00:01 PM City of Brisbane
Job Fellowship City of Brisbane Monthly Stipend $2115 End of Program Award $500


The Building Efficiency Program Fellow will work closely with Sustainability staff within the Public Works Department to support the launch of the Brisbane Building Efficiency Program (BBEP).

The BBEP is a new program under the city’s Climate Action Plan established through city ordinance in December 2019. It requires commercial, industrial and multi-family buildings larger than 10,000 square feet in Brisbane to benchmark their buildings beginning in 2021. The BBEP is one of the few programs in the state and country to go “Beyond Benchmarking” and require buildings to meet high-performance standards or complete building audits and take action to improve. First of their kind compliance pathways include Green Lease and Distributed Energy Resource options. Get in on the ground floor as we complete development of this innovate program and begin implementation!

Tasks and Responsibilities:
1. Implementation: Facilitate the rollout of the Brisbane Building Efficiency Program through the first benchmarking compliance cycle. Assist in the tracking and reporting of program progress, including suggested improvements.
2. Outreach: Assist with notification of building owners and tenants regarding compliance obligations. Coordinate with the City of Brisbane’s Sustainability and Communications Managers on program marketing activities (e.g. website, social media, and collateral development).
3. Stakeholder Engagement: Assist with in-person and/or virtual stakeholder engagement sessions to inform participants about program requirements and how to comply.
4. Customer Support: Respond to phone and email questions and concerns. Host office hours or technical support sessions to assist stakeholders with compliance.
5. Benchmarking: Work with small businesses to gather facility details and access utility data to complete energy and water benchmarking in Energy Star Portfolio Manager.
6. Communication: Communicate and coordinate with internal staff and external program stakeholders such as building owners/operators, tenants, PG&E, strategic partners, contractors, and community and business organizations to facilitate program objectives.
7. Data Management and Reporting: Compile, organize and present program compliance data and results in both written and verbal form. Assist with reporting to the CA Energy Commission, as well as city leaders and the public.

Minimum Qualifications: Degree in Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, or related field. Experience in building energy usage and systems and/or Energy Star Portfolio Manager is a plus.
Term of Fellowship: January – August 2021