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Energy & Sustainability Program Manager – October 2020 start, 12-month duration

10/5/2020 11:29:46 AM Porterville Unified School District
Job Fellowship Porterville Unified School District Monthly Stipend $3000 End of Program Award $1000


Program Overview. Porterville Unified School District (PUSD) and Climate Action Pathways for Schools (CAPS) is recruiting a manager for the innovative PUSD Energy & Sustainability Program. The goals of the Program are threefold:
1. Save Money. PUSD Energy & Sustainability Program will save PUSD money by reducing waste and increasing energy efficiency.
2. Reduce GHG Emissions. The PUSD Energy & Sustainability Program’s mission includes reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from its operations by 80% in ten-years, or by 2030.
3. Provide Educational Opportunities. The PUSD Energy & Sustainability Program provides work-based-learning opportunities through paid internships for high school students. The students help to develop a climate action plan, and implement components of that plan, at schools throughout their district.

Location. The position will be located in Porterville, California, working from PUSD’s Pathways Department offices.

Responsibilities. The PUSD Energy & Sustainability Project Manager will support all elements of the PUSD Energy & Sustainability Program. Responsibilities of the project manager during the year will include:
1. Developing a Climate Action Plan for PUSD. The PUSD Energy & Sustainability Manager will manage the development of a comprehensive climate action plan for Porterville schools. The key elements of the plan include:
a. School Community Survey. This survey will include a broad engagement of the school community to determine how the community would like to improve environmental health and reduce the GHG emissions of the school community.
b. Efficiency and Renewable Energy Plan. This plan will outline the measures at school buildings and facilities for achieving ‘zero energy’ performance through a combination of conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy.
c. Bus and Fleet Plan. This plan will establish a roadmap for district to upgrade its school buses and other district vehicles to zero emissions. This is expected to be accomplished through the utilization a battery powered electric vehicles, including electric school buses.
d. Active Transportation Plan. This will be a plan to increase walking and biking to schools, helping students improve their health while reducing emissions and pollution from personal vehicles.
The elements of the plan will be incorporated into a final report, completed at the end of the fellowship.
2. Supporting Student Internships. The project manager will be responsible for supporting a paid high school internship program being developed and implemented by Climate Action Pathways (CAPS) at 4 high school Pathways at PUSD, including the Academy of Engineering, the Environmental Science Academy, Multimedia and Technology Academy and the Alternative Energy and Resource Occupation Pathways. There will be a total of 16 high school students working on the Program.
3. Energy Conservation Implementation. During the 2020-21 academic year, PUSD is aiming to reduce energy waste through energy conservation at its 22 schools and other district facilities, reducing the district’s energy cost by approximately $300,000. The project manager will support the energy conservation efforts through education and outreach to the school community, including school leadership, faculty, students and operations and maintenance staff.

Skills and Experience. The PUSD Energy & Sustainability Project Manager is expected to have strong technical and communication skills. The applicants should have either the ability to understand, or the experience in analyzing energy and environmental systems, such as building systems and transportation. The project manager should have demonstrated the ability to effectively communicate with a diverse school community, including community leaders, school teachers, students and operational staff. The purpose of project manager’s communications will vary. At times, the goal of the communications will be to educate and advocate for program ideas and measures. Other times, the communications will be focused on listening and learning from the school community.

The project manager will have solid skills and experience in using the Microsoft Office 365 software, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

It is important that the project manager is reliable, show up on time and deliver on commitments. They will need to be innovative, shaping PUSD’s energy and sustainability strategies through the climate action plan. Finally, the applicant should be a strong collaborator, able to work with a small team who is dependent on each other for success.