Current fellowships

Facilities and Energy Fellow

7/23/2021 7:00:04 PM Facilities Planning and Program Services
Job Fellowship Facilities Planning and Program Services Monthly Stipend $2255 End of Program Award $500


The Facilities and Energy Fellow will work with key team members of FPPS and community colleges in California that include Energy and Facilities Managers as well as Administrators.  The successful candidate will focus on supporting energy management and strategic planning for sustainable facilities across the higher ed sector.

The Fellow will expand upon the virtual education and outreach work needed by FPPS and its partners. They will engage in a scope of work that may include: energy and water conservation education and outreach and building energy benchmarking with facilities staff.

In their role, the Fellow will lead a host of creative outreach efforts that will include: creating website resources and newsletter publications, hosting virtual (and in-person, if future circumstances allow) presentations and workshops and launching social media posts and campaigns. The Fellow will also ensure for deeper engagement with partners by coordinating targeted virtual outreach campaigns and workshops around CCC resources and programs in energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency, and general climate crisis education.

Additional tasks may include bit not be limited to:

• Tracking project outcomes across quantitative measures, including progress and all verified savings measures where possible. Where relevant, provide forecasting and templates for modeling future energy savings and potential return on investment connected to programs.

• Assist with coordination and convening of key meetings and stakeholders on a monthly, quarterly and as-needed basis. Report out on progress to various groups and prepare and facilitate external and internal presentations.

• Support the external communications related to local and state bonds, overall project development, and serve as an advocate for the partnership at local or state conferences such as CHESC, CCFC, and others.