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Preserve Manager - AmeriCorps

8/12/2019 3:33:47 PM Sonoma State University
Job Fellowship Sonoma State University Monthly Stipend $2115 End of Program Award $10000


The Center for Environmental Inquiry is a department at Sonoma State University that provides real-world environmental training for campus and the community. Our vision is an environmentally ready society, one where everyone has the skills to solve environmental challenges of the North Bay.

A key resource for our programs are 4200-acres of SSU Preserve lands located in Sonoma and Mendocino counties: Galbreath Wildlands Preserve, Fairfield Osborn Preserve, and Los Guillicos Preserve. The preserves provide first-hand experiences that increase understanding of our reliance on ecosystem processes. The Center engages 2500 people annually through field trips, workshops, tour programs, and volunteer events.

We are seeking a Preserve Manager to develop and coordinate projects and activities needed to preserve biodiversity, protect on-going research, and ensure access by educators, researchers, and volunteers to SSU’s three preserves. Under the direction of the Center Director and in collaboration with other program staff, the fellow will serve in a leadership position, undertaking, coordinating and reporting on projects and on-going activities. This is a unique opportunity for a highly responsible individual interested in building leadership skills and expertise in a diversity of land management challenges.

Position Description

The Preserve Manager is responsible for all aspects of land management at SSU’s three preserves. Through consultation with the Center Director, the Preserve Manager identifies priority projects and how to carry them out. The incumbent will learn how to design, implement, and monitor results. He/she will be responsible for organizing work parties and providing educational content at these events that leads participants to a better understanding of their reliance on natural systems. The Preserve Manager will have on-going regular responsibility for ensuring the preserve lands are ready for visiting groups.

The Preserve Manager will meet weekly with the Center Director, attend monthly staff meetings, and will accompany the Center Director to regional meetings. They will attend a monthly North Bay Forward lunch where they will meet with community members, scientists, and agency representatives to discuss sustainability and resilience needs of the North Bay. They will be encouraged to take two 5-week training programs offered by the Center that teach natural history and land management. The Preserve Manager will meet regularly with other Fellows on the SSU campus.


Key areas of responsibility include:
Invasive Species: working with experts to identify approaches for the control of invasive species; implementing those plans by organizing work parties; and monitoring the results. Species can include yellow star thistle, feral pigs, blackberry, and other invasive species. Includes creating and delivering educational content as part of these efforts.

Facilities and Access: working with other Center staff to ensure that campgrounds and roads are ready for use by classes and visiting groups; leading tours as needed. Can include light repair such as replacing locks, repairing a fence, etc.

Riparian Restoration: helping faculty and students to coordinate a 1-acre restoration site on the SSU campus which includes mulching, planting and monitoring.

Road and Trail Erosion: identifying roads and trails with erosion problems; proposing trail alignments as part of a trail master plans

Desired Skills

We are looking for recent graduates (from university and/or graduate school) and professionals who have a background in fields related to land management and are interested in broadening their leadership skills and expertise. While this person will receive regular guidance and direction, they must be highly motivated to learn and able to problem-solve on their own. This is a position that demands great organizational skills, creativity, and common sense. Key qualifications include:

- BA or BS or graduate degree in environmental science, environmental studies, biology, education or a related field
- Highly responsible, motivated and organized and able to problem-solve on their own
- Strong interpersonal and communication skills with people from a wide variety of backgrounds: community volunteers, ranchers, researchers, agencies, etc.
- Some experience in outdoor education, interpretation or volunteer management experience
- Knowledge and/or desire to learn about environmental research and native species
- Ability to work outside in physically demanding sites and situations
- Comfortable with a flexible work environment and working 2+ weekend days per month
- Valid CA driver's license with clean driving record and able to drive 4-wheel drive roads