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Sustainability Fellow

Last updated: 11/26/2022 7:00:01 PM Kern County Community College District
Job Fellowship Kern County Community College District Monthly Stipend $2650 End of Program Award $500


Location: Bakersfield College, Bakersfield, CA
Work Environment: Fully On Site 
Term (approximate): September 2022 - July 2023
Benefits: Health care coverage, assistance with student loan deferments, professional development, industry networking, end-of-program certificate of completion.
Overview & Background
The Energize Colleges program is seeking a full-time Climate Corps fellow to support Energize Colleges at Bakersfield College. 
Energize Colleges is an award-winning program that helps build highly qualified energy and sustainability workforce and achieve long-term energy savings. SEI partners with colleges and universities across California to support students’ sustainability career growth, enhance and/or create energy-related academic programs, and provide training in energy concepts to campus stakeholders and emerging professionals. Learn more about the program by visiting
The Sustainability Fellow is supported through an innovative partnership between the Forefront Power and SEI. In addition to the Climate Corps training, this position offers exposure to a wide range of professional development activities, networks, and career paths. Energize Colleges Climate Corps Fellows have opportunities to address energy, climate, and resource efficiency goals on college campuses.
The Energize Colleges Fellowship is a full-time position based at the Kern Community College District in Bakersfield, California. 
Established in 1913, Bakersfield College is one of the nation's oldest continually-operating community colleges. The college serves 33,000 students annually on the 153-acre main campus in northeast Bakersfield, at the Delano Campus 35 miles north of Bakersfield, the Weill Institute in downtown Bakersfield, and BC SouthWest in southwest Bakersfield. Bakersfield College provides opportunities for students from diverse economic, cultural, and educational backgrounds to attain Associate and Baccalaureate degrees and certificates, workplace skills, and preparation for transfer. 
Position Overview & Description
The Fellowship position will be a fulltime, 40 hours per week professional position supporting goals assigned by SEI, Bakersfield’s Department of Facilities & Operations, and additional requirements that may be related to the funding provided by Forefront Power. The Fellow at Bakersfield College will support a scope of work through the Fellow-led project(s) with the Campus under the direction of the Facilities & Operations Department. 
Roles & Responsibilities
• Facilitate and lead campus involvement efforts such as informational meetings, open houses, and workshops
• Build out energy systems program by identifying building baselines and benchmarks for energy, waste,  water, and greenhouse gas use employing available benchmarking tools
• Assist in the development of the microgrid and microgrid and CRD projects 
• Review new building Title 24 energy models and develop a system to compare actual energy use to modeled energy use that will ensure the building is performing up to its energy efficient design; perform energy audit of specified energy performance using energy model and/or building management system (BMS)
• Create inventories of major energy-using equipment in each building. Identify age and condition and opportunities to retrofit with more energy efficient options, as part of FCA (Facility Condition Assessment)
• Create a building occupant education and outreach program to meet LEED standards and to ensure new building energy and sustainability features are well understood and well utilized by occupants
• Assist in the development of mini-demonstration projects/living labs for the microgrid and carbon capture and sequestration projects.
• Support faculty and staff in developing curriculum and community education focused on energy challenges and emerging technologies.
• Support faculty and staff training focused on the basic principles of building systems function, operations, and maintenance and the use of the campus as a living lab. Training covers topics, with an emphasis on energy efficiency, such as energy efficiency principles, energy efficiency fundamentals, utility bill analysis, and ongoing building maintenance program
• Contribute to marketing efforts in support of the Department of Facilities & Operations
• Act as a liaison to facilitate relationships between private clients and local/state/federal agencies
• Manage relationships and coordinate with federal agencies and private companies like the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Valley Strong Energy Institute, Energy & Ag Academy,  and more
• Assist with preparing proposals, grants, or private funding opportunities
• Work with participating staff/faculty members and SEI staff to keep the program website updated with best practices and resources
• Assist with conferences, meetings, and webinars organized by the California Renewable Energy Laboratory at the Kern Community College District
• Identify energy consumption, analyze data and make recommendations to District/College Leadership regarding consumption and general energy conservation measures, perform on-site audits, manage and maintain all utility consumption data, and ensure accurate savings measurements.
• Other relevant duties as assigned based on program initiatives
Desired Qualifications
• An educational background in a sustainability-related field (volunteer and internship experience will also be considered). While this is preferred, all candidates with experience in fulfilling responsibilities similar to the ones listed below are welcome to apply;
• Community outreach and communications experience;
• Proactive and timely about meeting goals and deadlines;
• Strong communication skills (written and verbal) capable to engage diverse audiences (community outreach experience is desirable);
• Knowledge of energy auditing techniques, tools, and procedures
• Knowledge of using web based and other platforms to conduct data analysis
• Skill in multitasking and prioritizing
• Skill in use of Microsoft Office Suite
• Skill in written and graphical communication
• Aptitude for developing and managing new, trusted relationships with a range of individuals and organizations;
• Strong organizational and project management skills;
• A commitment to anti-racism and willingness to work within racial equity frameworks;
• A connection to the area. This is an equal opportunity position and we prefer to place a candidate who already lives in the region being served.

SEI requires employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19.
SEI is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and is committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity. We believe that a wide array of perspectives contributes to creative climate solutions where all communities thrive. We strive to reflect diverse communities, especially those most impacted by climate change and other kinds of environmental, social, and economic injustices. Persons of color, persons with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ community are strongly encouraged to apply. A commitment to work and learn within an anti-oppression framework is required.