Current fellowship

Technical Project Analyst Fellow - AmeriCorps

7/23/2019 12:20:51 PM Climate Resolve
Job Fellowship Climate Resolve Monthly Stipend $2115 End of Program Award $6095


About Climate Resolve

Climate Resolve builds collaborations to champion equitable climate solutions. We connect communities, organizations and policymakers to address a global problem with local action. We inclusively develop practical initiatives that reduce climate pollution and prepare for climate impacts. Using our collective power to tackle climate change, we are creating a thriving California and inspiring others to act. Our purpose is a just and resilient future.

Fellowship Description

As part of our mission to realize climate solutions in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, Climate Resolve concurrently manages a number of projects that are designed to implement equitable strategies that improve the lives of residents now in the face of climate change -- not 50, 30, or even 15 years down the line. To achieve this goal, we work with partners and stakeholders, including but not limited to city agencies, engineering firms, school districts, and other non-profits, to help public institutions lower their environmental footprint. The Fellow’s role and contributions to these projects will include gathering and analyzing relevant datasets to i. address institutional inequities, and ii. inform decision-making moving forward to achieve equitable community-based climate resilience strategies. For context, the primary projects at hand focus on energy and water management (mitigation) and cool streets and hydration stations (adaptation, with a dash of mitigation) in disadvantaged communities.

Essential Duties

- Assist the organization’s project implementation teams by procuring geographic (GIS), utility metering, network, engineering, project cost, funding, and heat-related data, in service of a few key climate adaptation and mitigation projects
- Perform detailed calculations and analysis of datasets
- Compile cogent reports to convey key data findings to project teams and external stakeholders
- Utilizing data findings, help communicate the human-related implications of the related projects, as well as the interventions that the project teams are seeking to achieve -- translating key aspirational concepts into practical and actionable recommendations
- Conduct new research on the efforts made by school districts throughout the state to procure electric buses, PV solar, and battery storage in various combinations, including with microgrids. Using online research and interviews with both public- and private- sector stakeholders, establish a database to track progress and inform strategies to accelerate the implementation of these climate solutions for schools


- Bachelor’s degree (Environmental, civil, or other engineering degree preferred)
- Experienced using data modeling and analysis software (Excel, databases, etc)
- Comfortable working in the field with external partners, communicating in-person and online
- Expert critical thinking and problem solving practices
- Excellent written and oral communication skills, including a willingness to ask for help as needed
- Excellent time management skills with ability to effectively prioritize tasks

Ideal Candidate

- Experience with Building Information Management (BIM) systems
- Subject matter expertise in energy and water management, spatial analysis, LA County-based datasets (or some combination thereof)
- Eager to dive into the nitty-gritty details of data analysis, while also comfortable effectively translating (or learning to translate) analytical data into digestible information for non-technical stakeholders
- Passionate about addressing the human impacts of climate change